What's included?


With this program you have 24/7 access to ME via email, social media or phone.  Yes, I give out my personal number to clients!  Why? Because I do this for YOU!  I am here to be your cheerleader, your support system, your educator, give you a sense of accountability and most of all you coach/personal trainer.


You will also receive a training plan based on your current activity level and experience.  These will be designed for you to do at home or at the gym, you tell me!  If you choose to complete at home, there may be a few items I request you to purchase via amazon so you have what you need to complete your workouts!

Custom Macros:

You will also receive a custom set of macros (short for macronutrients) for your nutrition that is, once again, based on your current physical activity, goals, and body.  This is also referred to as “If It Fits Your Macros” or IIFYM.  I choose this for the UppLift Training LLC Challenge series because I believe it is the most sustainable, long term way to “diet.”  Meal plans are also available upon request!


YES, I will give you cardio to do!  Why? Because not only does cardio promote heart health, but has also shown to be helpful in loosing overall fat tissue.  This, once again, will be based on your current physical activity status.

Weekly Check-Ins

Each week I ask that you check in with me.  This is the only time I want you weighing yourself or taking measurements during the week!  I ask that you send me a front, side and back pictures each week.  I will return your ‘check-in’ no longer than 24 hours later.  I do ask that you keep your check in day consistent, i.e. every Saturday.  More details will be in the ‘guidelines’ document.  During these ‘check-ins’ I will adjust your macros and cardio as needed, along with any questions, concerns, victories that you have from the week!

Facebook Community Group:

You will also receive access to a private Facebook community group with others going through their fitness journey!  This will help you to develop connections with others who are trying to improve their bodies and mind through fitness and proper nutrition.


I am relying on YOU to communicate with me!  I want you to be proud of your success and I want you to willingly share it with me. If you are DAMN PROUD of your work, you should want to show it off to the world. The way to get there is to dedicate yourself 150% to this plan and this lifestyle. Hashtag #UppLiftTraining on social media for me to see your victories outside of your weekly check in!

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