Client Testimonials

"Working with Calysta has been such a privilege. Her dedication and passion for a fit, healthy lifestyle is not only contagious, but inspiring. Calysta doesn't just "tell you what to do" or  "tell you how to eat"- she TEACHES you so you can learn to incorporate all of these magnificent tools into your routine- making the difference between quick, small wins and gains to long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes. I am pushing 40 and feel and look better than I did at 25. I've been given such a gift by working with her- not only for myself, but also for my entire family. My kids are getting a leg-up on a balanced, healthful lifestyle."


"I have begun a new journey which is exciting and beneficial in creating a healthy, positive and balanced lifestyle.

Instead of just trying to ‘lose weight’ my focus is on being the healthiest person I can be. I am working with such an  extremely knowledgeable and supportive coach!


As I started to work with Calysta, I soon learned that, above all else, she is a true professional.  She is, of course, very knowledgeable in the area of fitness nutrition, but her commitment to her clients goes beyond her knowledge base.  Calysta is always available to provide guidance or motivation.  Her response time is incredibly quick and her words are reassuring.  And she gets results!


Calysta completely customizes my macros, suggested meal  schedule and exercise routines based on my needs, so my energy is high and I’m rarely hungry. She’s coached me through the mental challenges of beginning a new weight loss program, and helps me get back on track after slip-ups.  She is an effective and compassionate coach, and I plan to work with her for life!"

Paula K

"I have witnessed Calysta’s dedication and achievements over the years via social media. I always admired her dedication and hard work and focus. I read all about her own challenges along the way and how she learned and grew as an athlete. Being an old out of shape athlete myself, I love to see people achieving their physical goals. Although I read her articles and at times hated (I mean jealous of!) her dedication, motivation, focus and always wondered how to get there myself. I’d look at her posts and think how the hell am I going to do any of this and often thought about reaching out to her for help but never did and thinking how does she have time to help anyone with working full time, working on herself along with everyday life of being busy and not having enough hours in the day.

Her program all came together at the perfect time for me. I was feeling depressed, feeding my depression with exactly what was making me depressed! Poor food choices amongst many other poor choices but still knowing there is an athlete buried in me somewhere. So when I first saw her program I was very nervous, scared, and thought there is no way I’d be able to do what does. Which my journey is not the same as hers but she has the knowledge to get me to where I want to me for myself, so I signed up.

So the story begins! She was very thorough in explaining the program and asking questions about you, which is important as everyone’s goals, bodies, needs are all different. So she sent out the programs in great detail, great explanation of what is expected, asked what we expected of her, which stood out to me. What did I expect from her? Wow! She cares what I want out of this from her! She is very reliable and responds to any questions right away, she is very knowledgeable about the nutrition, workouts, supplements. I’m sure I’ve asked some dumb questions along the way but she never made you feel like you were dumb, more so with explaining in full detail so you understand. Oh! And to have to send starting pics to someone that is as physically fit as she is, I was a tad intimidated, however, she was so reassuring and caring and supportive that I would not look like this in my after picture! This showed me that she not only has her confidence in herself, but also in how she will be there for you to guide you to get your own confidence and push you to get there. I’m so excited to continue working with her and getting others that felt the same way I do to start their journey with Calysta."

Jill E.

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