Client Testimonials 

“I have worked with quite a few coaches before Calysta. Before I came to Calysta I was starting a prep on pretty low calories. Calysta immediately changed my macros and put me on a reverse diet. I was eating more calories and still dropping weight! When prep did finally start my body was responding tremendously to higher calories and 1 free meal a week! When covid hit and my shows were canceled/pushed back I mentally needed to step back and take a break. Calysta never pressured me to keep going, she understood and let me make the decision that was best for me. She’s been there every step of the way, during the good and the bad. I am so lucky to call her more than a coach. She is also a very great friend“ - Kristen Paulitzky

After working with a couple different coaches I finally found a complete package working with Calysta! She is not only a great role model in truly living the lifestyle and practicing what she preaches, but she is also understanding and relatable to my struggles and areas for growth! She celebrates the wins and dropped the hammer when I needed the push. Communication is open and incredibly prompt. The most important part for me was finding a coach I felt I could be 100% honest with and trust and Calysta was just that. I also found great community and friendship within the team of amazing women and men she’s built! - Angie Klicka

I am beyond grateful to have come across Calysta & UppLift Training. Though I am a beginner in the competition world, Calysta makes me feel I belong! Her feedback on check in days is always detailed & her response time is prompt! I instantly felt Calysta was a great choice for me as a coach. It’s been several weeks now, and I feel like I’ve gained muscle, a coach & an amazing team that I am proud to be a part of! - Jayla Loew

“I have had an absolute blast working with you!!! My first prep was amazing because of you. I didn’t hate it like I see so many fitness people do. Like I actually really enjoyed it.  I never missed fun life events. I went out with friends. I never stopped having fun just because I was in prep. I think it helps having such a great coach. You put so much time and effort into each and one of your clients. You actually cared! Each check in I was so excited to send to you and seeing my almost final look I couldn’t believe it!! Yes COVID took the stage away from me this year but next time I will be going on stage!! My reverse has gone well because of you too! Not having a gym hasn’t been ideal at all but you were always there for me when I needed you. I love that you give us your cell number too incase we need to text you because there’s definitely been times that I needed an extra push or have wanted to cry in the gym and you text me back ASAP!! Your communication is something I admire so much! That and your dedication to this sport. You’re always wanting to learn more and teach your clients. I can’t thank you enough calysta! you are the best coach and I can’t wait to work with you again sometime next year!!” - Kira Savage 

The easiest choice I ever made was to start working with Calysta. My husband and I have always been active. The gym has always been a great part of our lives, but we felt like our knowledge in other areas like nutrition lacked big time. We have been on and off with ‘balanced’ eating for years. We have always tried our best to navigate healthy options for optimum results, but always had inconsistent gains. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?! This is not a story that hasn’t been told before. This is the reality for most people trying to work alone. We finally broke down and made the decision to get a coach. THE best decision we have ever made. Weekly accountability, nutrition education, mental and physical growth. We’ve gained much more than muscle with Calysta. Our weekly check-ins with her has kept us on track and excited for every single step of this process. I feel patience, understanding, support, and GENUINE CARE with this amazing woman! If you feel like you have tried and tried with your workouts or nutrition with less than satisfying results, PLEASE reach out. I will never regret investing in myself and my husband. Life is short. We want to make the best of it while still enjoying life! No crash dieting, no fad diets, no extreme restrictions – all purely balanced. We eat all of our favorite foods while still seeing progress! Make an easy choice and give a coach – the RIGHT coach – a chance. You will not regret it. - Anna & Trevor Nixon

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"Working with Calysta has been such a privilege. Her dedication and passion for a fit, healthy lifestyle is not only contagious, but inspiring. Calysta doesn't just "tell you what to do" or  "tell you how to eat"- she TEACHES you so you can learn to incorporate all of these magnificent tools into your routine- making the difference between quick, small wins and gains to long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes. I am pushing 40 and feel and look better than I did at 25. I've been given such a gift by working with her- not only for myself, but also for my entire family. My kids are getting a leg-up on a balanced, healthful lifestyle." - Barbara C.