Lifestyle Coaching

The UppLift lifestyle coaching plans are a great option for experience levels! From beginners to advanced we are here to help you reach your fitness goals. Our lifestyle coaching is built for those who are wanting to take control of their lives, fitness and nutrition goals to that next step. We are there to support, encourage, and challenge you along the process. With lifestyle coaching, we focus on changing lifestyle habits, educating you on nutrition and fitness, how to handle life stressors, and teach you about listening to your body. The lifestyle plans are the most popular! The lifestyle plan is also the competitors offseason plan.

There are 2 lifestyle coaching plans available​ per coach. 

1. Lifestyle coaching with a training plan

2. Lifestyle coaching without a training plan.

Coach Shannon currently offers training plans only. These plans are not 1:1 coaching and there are none of the lifestyle coaching components. They are one time plans.

Coach D'Ghon works with all UppLift male clients, prep and lifestyle. 

Prices are sent out with inquiry response.

Competition Prep Coaching

Competition prep coaching plans are for those looking to compete in the bikini, wellness or mens physique division of the NPC / IFBB leagues. UppLift Training prep coaches are Calysta (women's coach) and D'Ghon (mens coach). UppLift Training consists of all-natural competitors and we focus on your overall heath before, during and after your competition prep. Clients who desire to compete who have never competed before or have minimal experience are required to work with Calysta or D'Ghon through lifestyle coaching prior to beginning a competition prep.  This is done to build the client/coach relationship and communication style as well as ensure the client is in an optimal mental, metabolic, and physical place before beginning a prep. In some situations, this may be waived based off the individual client and their experience.

Post-show plans are discussed throughly prior to the client stepping on stage as well. We take competition prep incredibly seriously as well as the short and long term heath of her competitors

UppLift Training's prep coaching is an all-inclusive costs and there are no 'hidden' charges associated with you prep. If your show is in the Oregon/Washington region Calysta will be in attendance at your show.  Regional shows in other locations of the US will be case by case. Calysta will be in attendance at all national level shows and pro-qualifiers. 


All plans include...

  • Weekly detailed check ins 

  • Email, text, phone support 24 / 7

  • Custom nutrition plan*

  • Cardio program

  • Training program (with applicable packages)

  • General guidelines document

  • Supplement recommendation guide

  • Nutrition / Macro guide  

  • UppLift team GroupMe chat

  • Accountability, Support, Encouragement

  • A judgement free atmosphere

      *Nutrition plans are meal plans or macros. The rate varies between which you choose for your plan.

Competition plans include..              

  • Assistance with choosing a show, suit, tan, jewelry, etc. 

  • Prep time line, checklist, peak week and depletion guides 

  • 1 monthly Facetime posing session scheduled by client

     To cover, posing, questions, concerns, talk face to face… etc.

  • Custom Peak Week Plan, documents

  • Daily Check ins starting at 10 days out. 

  • Reverse diet plan and support

  • Free phone consultation on request to answer potential client questions 

  • Coach attendance at all National and Pro-Qualifying US shows.

*Competition plans include all components of lifestyle plans in addition to the above