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Calysta Upperman  

I am a registered nurse with a bachelors in science from Ohio University, a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, and an IFBB bikini pro.  Before competing I ran track, I was a competitive cheerleader for over 8 years, a division 1 collegiate athlete and overall a very active person with a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.
For years I was a self-proclaimed cardio bunny because I was afraid lifting would “make me bulky!”   I then started lifting in 2013 and competed in my first bikini competition in 2015.  I got into lifting because of the desire to become stronger, live a healthier lifestyle, and become more education in fitness and nutrition.  I love the way lifting makes me feel.  I can continue to improve my physique, endurance and strength with enjoyment.  As well as it being a great stress relief technique!  It has also brought a new mentality to my entire life learning how to fuel my body while making progress.  I found new balance in my nutrition and relationship with food using IIFYM.  There are no feelings of restriction with food choices and it is a truly a flexible approach to fueling your body for your goals.  It has been a very empowering experience and change to my life
I went into the nursing profession to help others when they are ill or injured to become better. These day I can use my NASM CPT to help those become physically stronger, more confident, and improve their minds and bodies with fitness. My fitness and nutrition education comes from my years in the medical field, becoming certified through NASM and from personal experiences of being involved in fitness for a majority of my life.

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Credentials, sponsorships and more!

Show Credentials

  • 2015 Great Lakes Championship - 2nd place open bikini, Overall Novice Champion

  • 2017 NPC Vancouver Naturals USA - 1st place open bikini, Overall Bikini Champion 

  • 2017 Emerald Cup - 1st open Bikini  

  • 2017 USA National Championships

  • 2018 Emerald Cup - 6th place open Bikini

  • 2018 Salt Lake City Championships - 1st place open bikini, Overall Bikini Champion

  • 2018 Jr Nationals - 3rd place open bikini

  • 2018 NPC Universe - 1st place open bikini, Overall Bikini Champion, IFBB PRO STATUS EARED.

  • 2018 Portland Classic 8th place - Pro Debut

2019 plans

  • Step on stage by late spring!

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