UppLift Training Head Coach

Calysta is UppLift Training’s head coach and founder. She launched UppLift Training in 2018 after beginning coaching in 2017. Calysta is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, has a Weight Loss Specialist certification and held a nutrition certification. She has also been a Registered Nurse since 2011 and holds an ADN and BSN degrees respectively. Calysta is always looking to improve her knowledge and education to better support her clients and their success by attending seminars and additional certifications. 


Prior to coaching and competing herself, Calysta has always been a lifelong natural athlete. She ran track as well as being a competitive, D1 collegiate and professional cheerleader. She began competing in 2015 and earned her IFBB pro league status in 2018 by winning her class and the overall bikini title at NPC Universe. During her time in the NPC she had 4 overall titles and won her class 5 out of 8 shows. She is currently working up the ranks in the IFBB. Making the points list for the Olympia two years in a row with the goal of qualifying in 2021. 


Her goal and focus are always in the client’s best interest. Helping them achieve their personal success, reach their goals and find happiness in their bodies. She coaches her clients the way she would want to be coached herself. She takes clients life and lifestyle into great consideration. Health, short and long term, is also always at forefront for her. Every medical professional practice “do no harm” for their patients and she applies that to coaching her clients as well. The clients success is her success. 



UppLift Training, Assistant Coach

Growing up, Shannon was the “jock” of the family, always picking up new sports, instead of playing an instrument like her sisters and brother. She participated in soccer, swimming, track, and weightlifting. Her interest in sports and science lead her to studying sports medicine in college. She got her undergrad degree in Exercise Science and then a year later got her Masters in Athletic Training, both from St. Louis University. After passing her board of certification exam in 2015, she got a job in Biloxi, MS and was licensed to practice there. Then she met her husband, moved to a couple different states, and they are currently stationed in Minot, ND! Outside of athletic training, Shannon has also worked part time as a fitness instructor at a Planet Fitness while living in Shreveport, LA. 


Shannon has competed in the NPC since 2017, and has been coached by Calysta since August of 2019, first as a lifestyle client, and then as a prep client. Shannon competed in one regional show, and made her national debut with Calysta’s guidance during 2020. Recently, Shannon stepped away from her job as a full-time ATC in North Dakota, and is so excited about her new journey as a lifestyle coach for UppLift Training! Shannon is still a certified and licensed Athletic Trainer.